Let’s Give Siblings Support Too When the Family Fosters or Adopts!


Our unique resources help siblings make the transition easier.

Growing a family through fostering or adoption is an exciting time for everyone, but sometimes the transition can be hard on the children already in the home who are welcoming new siblings.

Suddenly Siblings specifically supports the “resident kids” (children already in the home) when a family fosters or adopts.


Until now, there really hasn’t been resources designed just for them.

Families often have unrealistic expectations for how easy it will be on resident kids to add new foster or adopted siblings to the family. THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE WHEN THE NEW SIBLINGS COME FROM TRAUMATIC BACKGROUNDS.


Now you can equip your children for a smooth transition.

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You can increase your children’s empathy, understanding, and patience for newer children joining the family.

By learning what empathetic responses look like, you can meet the otherwise hidden needs of your resident kids.


When resident children feel listened to, they can more easily express empathy for the challenges that their new siblings are going through.

This approach can reduce overall conflict in the family.

Now resident kids can be prepared for the real changes they may experience.