About Us

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Our Vision

We want to create a network of empowered families where the children already in the home are well supported and have the tools to navigate the changes that adoption or fostering brings to them personally. “Resident children” do not have to be accidentally overlooked by well-meaning parents who are not aware of their struggles and challenges; now you have support. Our motto to parents is: when you know better, you can do better. When parents learn along with their children what is needed for healthy adjustments when a new sibling comes to the family, everyone benefits.

Our Story

Suddenly Siblings™ was born from a passion project that first came into being as a graduate thesis assignment of the founder, beginning two years ago. Being an adoptive mom herself, with five biological children who were already in the home when they adopted, she saw first-hand the results of not knowing how to support the ‘resident children’. With so much understandable focus on the needs of the newest children, she was unprepared for the more silent needs of the ones who came before. The graduate school project allowed her to research and discover that this population of resident siblings is greatly underserved. Suddenly Siblings™ hopes to change that. One of her daughters, herself an adult ‘resident sibling’, came on board to offer her wisdom and perspective to parents eager to understand what their own children might be feeling about the changes in the family when fostering or adoption makes the ‘suddenly siblings’. For more information on us, please visit the link to our sister site: The Connecting Space

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