Adventure in Fostering and Adoption


Workbook for ages 5-9

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Now siblings ages 5-9 can be prepared for how fostering or adoption affects them! The book’s intentional design of a parent page and a corresponding child page for each topic addressed offers guided scripts, teaching tips, and some of the science behind the topics for parents; for children, it is packed full of fun activities. This is a detailed training for resident siblings, disguised as a fun activity book.

Suddenly Siblings: Adventure in Fostering and Adoption is filled with easy-to-use strategies to overcome challenges common to siblings of kids from trauma backgrounds and strengthen parent-child interaction – one worksheet, activity, and exercise at a time. We show you how to prevent sibling overwhelm, or how to get the help your kids need if they are already experiencing it.

Now you can:
-Reduce conflict between siblings
-Create a more peaceful home
-Improve their social skills to reduce common new insecurities
-Increase their communication skills to speak up for their needs, too
-Help them cope with stressful and anxious moments

This is the first of its kind to deliver training just for resident children.

Whether you are new to fostering or adoption or have been a family for years, this is a great way to support the siblings!

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