We at Suddenly Siblings aim to support both the parent and the child. We believe that the best way to help your children is by helping you understand all the circumstances your resident child might face as the sibling to an adopted or foster child with emotional special needs.

With our two new soon-to-be-released resources, the whole family can now be better prepared for international adoption.

Adventures in International Adoption (ages 6-10) is a mini training for children already in the home, disguised as a fun activity book. Your resident child will know what changes to expect when the new sibling arrives and can learn great coping skills for when times are difficult.

Check out our page on Kid’s Resources for more information!

In Their Best Interest: Empowering the Voices of your Resident Children is a book for parents to let you know how to uniquely support your children already in the home.

Smoother transitions, great family cohesiveness, better communication, and more joy await your family!

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