Sibling Resources

It seems like the best things in life take a lot of time to develop. That’s true of sibling relationships and it’s true of the resources we’ve been promising you! Our first workbook in the series, geared for kids ages 5-9 is at the illustrator’s, getting the final touches put on.

You see, it’s a full-fledged training manual – what to expect when fostering or adopting a brother or sister from a trauma background – but it’s disguised as a fun, interactive workbook to complete together with a parent or trusted caregiver.

It takes a lot of work to get it child-friendly when discussing topics related to secondary traumatic stress. The topics in the workbook were carefully chosen because they cover the most common stresses that resident siblings face.

Suddenly Siblings: Adventure in Fostering and Adoption (ages 5-9) is filled with science-backed parent tips, stories, coloring sheets, and child worksheets that teach your child what to expect when an adopted or foster child from a trauma background joins the family.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress. Thank you for your patience.