Sibling Resources

SuddenlySiblings™ was created for resident siblings. It’s our intent to create resources for resident children that prepares them for being siblings to children with emotional special needs. It’s come to our attention that there is a severe lack in this area, and we’re eager to start to fill that lack!

We have an upcoming activity book that is meant for just that!

Adventures in Adoption is a specialized training series for your child, disguised as a fun activity book, to prepare them for the arrival of an international sibling.

There are two versions of this series, one for families who adopt Internationally, and those who adopt Domestically. Each activity book in the series will be geared towards a certain age group to make sure that even your youngest child can understand what’s going on!

Our first book in the series, Adventures in International Adoption (ages 5-10) will be coming out this December!