What is Secondary Traumatic Stress?

When children enter foster and adoptive homes having come from trauma, abuse, and neglect backgrounds, the children already in the home can experience unique stresses on them that can overwhelm them if they do not receive specific support.

Secondary trauma is the emotional duress that results when an individual hears about the firsthand trauma experiences of another, is exposed to someone else’s trauma, or to their trauma reactions.

The siblings are vulnerable because every day they witness the toll that primary trauma has taken on their foster or adoptive brother or sister. These siblings are constantly around behaviors that can confuse or overwhelm them.

  • Listening to their brother or sister talk about the trauma
  • Witnessing acting-out behaviors
  • Being targeted for aggression against them
  • Feeling helpless when trying to help them

These stresses on the resident kids affect them more than any of us realized. The resident siblings need support in ways that most are not getting because no one has understood what to do until now.

Resident siblings need to be better prepared for how fostering and adopting kids from trauma backgrounds will affect them.

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